Two Poems



i guess i am
early 2000’s?
white lincoln
towncar i drive behind
because i am too drunk
to drive (without you)
ahead of me
in your car
i get it in my dreams
i pull over on the exit
make my friends drive
immediately like
i’ve been holding in
my pee & i can’t
hold it anymore
& thus i pee
inside your car
& it’s annoying
i’m like a cat
& i’m getting
pee on your car
like a cat on your
car that i’m driving
behind when i’m drunk
& i have to go pee
in your car like
damn, don’t you wish
i just didn’t exist


MET poem 2

rejected at the MET again
thinking about how if i
threw my fist into a Picasso painting
something exciting would happen
there would be some kind
of climax
i don’t know,
realities are hard for me
i am a sad man
looking at sad paintings
and of course it’s raining today
the bronx was grey
my friends looked grey
i could have gone to dinner
with someone who upsets me
i could have felt like shit
with fried oysters in my mouth

my back hurts & you’re my friend,
sure, crying in the bathroom at brunch
but we live in a world in which
david hockney is painting
and if david hockney is painting
there is this sense that something’s good

how can i move anywhere
and expect not to feel sad
when what i want is
to be a famous painter

as prolific as
a mannequin holding
a fishing pole
shower streaming
down my back
i just want love

“lol i feel u” but do u rly

this house is not a house
it’s a ship & it’s burning
& water doesn’t matter anymore

i go to the pool & i swim
& my family loves me
they’re born-again christians
i’m wearing a one-piece
& it says gucci in gold font
ben said he can’t picture me crying
ever & he’s right
i don’t cry; i just want
to move to LA sometimes

i read my horoscope & felt like dying
i read my horoscope & i didn’t
believe in anything

i’m shitty until i’m not shitty
& then i’m shitty again


shy watson is a poet and painter living in brooklyn, ny. she wrote Cheap Yellow (Civil Coping Mechanisms 2018) as well as four chapbooks. her work appears in places like ENTROPY, The Rumpus, and Hobart. follow her on twitter or instagram for updates: @localsingle69.