Three Poems


the mirror is a scale

you really do like me
seed teeth
doing a load of laundry

constellation map
on your phone
shadow stripes

shadows fall to one side
with the light off
why do they look at me that way

i can imagine
it’s not a secret
without affection

groan in anticipation
eternal back and forth
staring at a screen

everything is a square unless it’s soft


indicated the need to be alone

because i’m shaking
the pendulum isn’t
moving maybe

i’m making more
decisions for myself
instead of grieving

doing everything
for me this all
feels like one long afternoon

in the sun only the sun is
a mouth that won’t
stop talking


language is a chance for math to make us more than math

make me

mean more

look at me lol

there’s nothing there

when you think of me

you imagine what distance means

i’m so tired of you

not being here

i’m sensitive

i need a drink but i’m not drinking

trying to

listen to my concerns

i want to know

you’re listening

hearing you

talk about

who you are

to me


catch business is the author of quick fix (2fast2house, 2018) and poetry editor of witch craft magazine.